CryptoGodz is one of the newer play-to-earn games that are making the rounds on social media. While the game itself is not yet one, the recent gameplay reveal in the game’s Discord server saw a massive increase in interest in the budding NFT game. However, before you get swept up by the hype, it’s important to know first what you’re getting into. You’ll be investing your money in this play-to-earn game, after all. Hence, we’ve prepared this article to teach you what CryptoGodz is.

What is CryptoGodz?

CryptoGodz is a play-to-earn NFT game. It is inspired by the MOBA game Dota 2, although its gameplay does not borrow any gameplay elements from Valve’s game. At least not yet. Players mint or purchase NFT characters called Sentz, which they send to combat to earn GODZ, the game’s crypto token.

The current gameplay of CryptoGodz is straightforward. Players take the role of Guardians who can transmute Godz Stones to awaken the slumbering Sentz. They can then send out Sentz for up to a certain Will Power (WP) in battles against Umbras. Players earn GODZ when they defeat the Umbras, which is the primary way of earning cryptocurrency from this game. Players can also earn by awakening more stones to receive high rarity Sentz (minting NFTs), fight in Sentz Duels (PvP), opening treasure chests for more Stones, Tokens, and Items, and farming for Trinity Keys, which can be used to open said chests.

The game revolves around the collection of Sentz (NFT characters). There are seven tiers of Sentz, starting from Ancient (50 – 95 WP) to Immortal (324 – 369 WP). The higher the WP of a Sentz, the rarer they appear from Awakened Stones. Hence, rare Sentz will also sell for more GODZ in the marketplace.

How does fighting against Umbras and other Sentz work? Everything is played with the role of a die. The stronger the Umbra, the higher the difficulty is. Players will have to weigh the risks versus the rewards, as the stronger the Umbra, the more GODZ a player can earn from defeating it. However, the success chance of beating one will also be lower.

While currently a game played completely through the browser with RNG-centric fights that happen with a single click of the mouse, CryptoGodz developers intend to transition the game into an MMORPG later on. CryptoGodz is currently in Phase 2, with major updates in the near future include Treasure Chests, Sentz Morphing, Sentz Item Merging, and GODZ staking. Once the game reaches Phase 3, the team will start working on the game’s MOBA development, with the intention to bring the game to the esports fray in the future.

Who is behind CryptoGodz?

CryptoGodz‘s development team is composed of “not just businessmen and elite professionals but also hard-core gamers,” reads the game’s white paper. The members of the team have prior experience in gaming as well as other NFT games. Hence, CryptoGodz differ from other NFT games in that its makers intend it to become a completely engaging game in the future. In CryptoGodz‘s case, they intend to turn the game into a MOBA, just like its inspiration Dota 2, eventually.

CryptoGodz‘s CEO and Founder is Nick Peroni, the same person behind another NFT game, CryptoMines. Prior to NFT gaming, Peroni had experience in e-commerce and dropshipping. He’s also the founder of American company Ecom Empire. The development team behind the game is composed of Southeast Asian staff, mostly from Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

How to play CryptoGodz?

To play CryptoGodz, players will need a Binance account, a MetaMask wallet, and some spare cash that they can afford to lose. Remember, only invest money that you can afford to lose. The game is completely played on a browser, so it can also be played on any device that can run a browser game and support MetaMask.

To learn more about CryptoGodz, you can check out the White Paper. To get help directly from staff and other players, you can join the official Discord server. Once you’re ready to play, then you can start Minting Sentz or purchasing them straight from the Marketplace. You can do both of these on the game’s website app.

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