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Alesso’s “Cosmic Genesis” has game-changing potential in the mercurial world of NFTs.

Alesso’s “Cosmic Genesis” has game-changing potential in the mercurial world of NFTs.

Alesso has set the tone for the future of NFTs by unveiling his debut drop, dubbed “Cosmic Genesis,” at Dreamverse, the world’s first-ever NFT art and music festival.

Last month fans were given cryptic clues and a special decoder to decipher Alesso’s NFT through social media. Opting in on the OneOf platform provided fans with the special decoder which, once deciphered, unlocked the first chapter of the “Cosmic Genesis” story.

“Cosmic Genesis” is a video series consisting of four chapters in total. Each represents a new curated audiovisual experience—a piece of Alesso’s vision—and new music from the Swedish EDM superstar.

Dreamverse kicked off on November 4th and was the world’s first combined NFT art gallery and music festival. Co-founders Lin Dai, Joshua James, and Adam Fell—as well as legendary musician Quincy Jones—locked in a seed round of $63 million back in May 2021. OneOf has already signed John Legend and Doja Cat to mint NFT projects on the platform, which runs on the Tezos blockchain.

Alesso performed alongside fellow dance music producers and crypto enthusiasts RAC and PLS&TY at Dreamverse. The event featured an immersive gallery viewing experience and DJ sets throughout the evening. It also showcased Beeple’s The First 5000 Days, an NFT that sold for a whopping $69 million earlier this year.

You can learn more about OneOf and “Cosmic Genesis” here.

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