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VSCO invites tastemakers to curate each digital exhibition, with NFTs for sale exclusively in Algos

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Nov 16, 2021, 09:00 ET

OAKLAND, Calif., Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VSCO is an award-winning mobile app that provides premium photo and video editing tools with a mission to provide creators with the resources, inspiration, and community to fall in love with their own creativity. Today, VSCO enters the NFT space with a unique approach under the name of Exhibitions.

Unlike most NFT marketplaces, Exhibitions entrusts highly regarded curators to design and curate each digital exhibition. Curators are asked to hand-select the artists and their digital works to be showcased. It’s a unique approach that brings the quality and curation of physical art galleries into the digital realm — less, but better.

Exhibitions is the first highly-curated NFT venue of its kind, and allows users to purchase minted art on the fully carbon-neutral Algorand blockchain. Other blockchain technologies present major environmental concerns and VSCO has chosen to partner exclusively with Algorand, only accepting Algos within Exhibitions.

“With so many NFTs out there, it’s hard to know what to invest in. We want to help buyers know what quality art is by entrusting cultural movers and shakers to guide us in the right direction.” said Greg Lutze, Co-Founder and CXO of VSCO.

Their team say Exhibitions marks an entirely new chapter for them, allowing influential curators and conceptual artists to come together and showcase a unique body of digital work, available to view and purchase for a limited amount of time. Art sold through Exhibitions funds the respective artists, with a small percentage of each sale going to the Curator of the Exhibition.

This new ecosystem made up of Collectors, Curators, and Creators is an experiment that VSCO hopes will allow artists to reclaim full control of their value chain. Tastemakers and cultural curators get the opportunity to utilize their influence, while digital art collectors gain access to the work of visionary artists who are paving the way.

“Not only do we need to reward creators for their hard work and talents, but the people who notice them and bring them into the spotlight. In a day and age of information overload, we need to make sure we’re giving credit to Curators who make spaces on the Internet meaningful and accessible” Greg continues.

Exhibitions is the first project from Plaza, the new experimental arm of VSCO that will house a series of experiments, products, and resources for higher intent creators. Greg goes on to mention that “For years, VSCO has been a go-to place for creative inspiration and creation, but as creators have progressed and the creative industry has evolved, VSCO will continue to do so as well.”

VSCO has high hopes that Plaza, and its first experiment in Exhibitions, introduces something truly novel to the digital art world — and serves to establish the brand as a leader at the forefront of creativity and digital technology.

Exhibitions will launch on November 16th, 2021 at 11am PST, introducing four initial exhibitions with plans to introduce more exhibitions through the remainder of 2021. Curators include Steve Carter, Tristan Bagot, MOUTHWASH Studio, and Yumna Al-Arashi who will be featuring works from artists like Benjamin Ewing, Lawrence Agyei, and many more.

Check out Exhibitions at: http://exhibitions.vsco.co.
And learn more about PLAZA on Instagram and Twitter.

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