VisioNFT Token Bringing Virtual NFT Galleries To The BSC

Elevating the binance smart chain nft space, Visionft token is going into presell on November 8th. This is an investors opportunity to invest into the project prior to the contract going live to the public. It is where millionaires are made with small investment amounts. Taking the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) buying and selling experience to a new level, Visionft Token is creating a virtual art gallery for your NFT’s. The core team is building a “world” for investors to interact in, available on your desktop, mobile, and in VR. Staring at a digital picture on your mobile or computer screen will be a fad of the past. Welcome to the Visionft gallery where you can virtually walk through and find NFT’s displayed all around you. NFT artists can park their collections in specially designed art rooms that allow visitors to visit and purchase. Visionft token aspires to reimagine how investors, buy, sell, and view their NFT’s.

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The brainchild of a leadership team trio, including one developer and two designers, Visionft has reimagined what the nft investor experience looks like. The token leadership has a proven track record of leading previous projects to market caps exceeding 10 million dollars. In addition to the utility, this token has partnered with a widely known marketing agency to ensure exposure to the project leads to gains. On the coattails of the “Metaverse” hype, crypto investors are looking to take their digital wallets with them as they stroll through the metaverse. Investors with big wallets are going to demand a better experience. Visionft delivers and to prove their concept, examples of their high class, elegant virtual galleries are previewed on their website.

In addition to a wildly needed utility, Visionft token also has beneficial tokenomics that allow for investors to reap in the gains. There is a 13% tax on every buy, and a 13% tax on every sell. Taxes are divided like this: 3% to the Liquidity Pool, 5% to Marketing, and 5% back into the project operations.

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