A one-of-a-kind digital yacht has just been purchased for almost $650,000 – but it can only be used in a metaverse game that is still in development.

An NFT yacht, which only exists in a video game, has been sold for $650,000. NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are unique units of data that exist on a blockchain, meaning they represent original digital items that cannot be replicated. NFTs often represent real-world artwork or objects, but they can also represent objects that do not exist yet in the world.

The creation and implementation of NFTs in video games have been in the works for a while, especially given the rising prevalence of NFTs in the tech world. Major publishers have been flirting with the idea of NFTs in their games, or even creating games that are wholly based on NFTs. For example, EA has hinted at NFTs in FIFA 22, insisting that fans “want more modalities at play inside the game.” Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, but despite all the questions and controversy surrounding NFTs, crypto enthusiasts certainly haven’t stopped buying them.

GAMINGbible reports that an NFT yacht has sold for $650,000 in a metaverse game, becoming one of the most expensive video games NFTs ever bought. The “Metaflower Super Mega Yacht” exists exclusively in The Sandbox, which is an NFT-based metaverse project currently in playable alpha. The buyer is known only as “35D0CA” and used Ethereum, which inspired the creation of NFTs, to make the purchase. Apparently, the digital yacht features four floors with lounge areas, two helipads, a DJ booth, a dance floor, and a jacuzzi.

Congrats to the new owner of The Metaflower NFT Super Mega Yacht on making metaverse NFT history. This auction marks the highest price paid for a @TheSandboxGame NFT asset at 149 ETH ($650,000), and an exciting time for every member of the Fantasy Community.

— Republic Realm (@joinrepublic_re) November 24, 2021

Although the game only reached a playable state just recently, The Sandbox has already raised $93 million in investment capital. Over 200 brands and IPs have contributed to it, including artists like DeadMau5 and Snoop Dogg, shows like The Walking Dead and The Smurfs, and game publishers like Square Enix and Atari. While some game companies clearly remain enthusiastic about NFTs, others do not. Valve has removed all NFT games from Steam and Epic Games won’t be including them any time soon due to the possibility of scams.

Most people probably find it hard to fathom why anyone would spend the cryptocurrency equivalent of $650,000 on a digital boat. It may be the one and only authentic model of that boat, but nobody can actually feel the sea breeze or the bubbles of the jacuzzi. As it stands, the yacht is effectively a highly expensive digital collectible. The buyer must have a lot of faith in the future of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and The Sandbox itself to drop over half a million in Ethereum on this ship.

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Source: GAMINGbible

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