“The NFT Queen” as Elizabeth.S nickname predominates on social platforms is a known controversial artist, visionary, Entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, offering in the last 10 years tens of art pieces, and almost all referring to the future surrealism. Now it took the long road with 2 extremely different approaches. “If it matters for the people then I am rich.”

The Motionless Continuum collection will have 100 pieces of art. each of the works reflects extremely complex positions in the traditional ballet refreshed with the state of hardening. The 100 pieces were made after a careful study with experts in the field who guided the body structure of 3D models so that the result is as close as possible to reality. The emotions loaded in each animation can be understood only by practitioners. That’s why Alexander shares some of these emotions with the clarity of his statements.

The link to the collection can be found here: opensea.io/QueenETH

Her Twitter handle https://twitter.com/thenftqueeneth