Song fi Founder Stevie Marco Strikes a Chord With Musicians and Artists by Pioneering the NFT Financial Revolution for the Arts, Fans and Collectors is the home of the Independent Arts. On January 1st 2022 Song fi will introduce its NFT global marketplace supported by the the largest community of musicians, artists, and fans in the world. Only five percent of the people understand what NFT’s are, but make no mistake, the revolution to monetize virtual art and music through Song fi NFT’s is upon us.

Amazing opportunities exist right now to get in on the ground floor. To understand what NFT’s are, you must first understand what block chain and cryptocurrencies represent. Block chain is a series of virtual wallets linked together that forever record transactions of original music and art using new and decentralized online technologies and global cryptocurrencies.

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Each NFT represents an artistic collectible that is certified by the artist and Song fi through unique verification codes posted on the Ethereum block chain. The artist gets paid handsomely by sharing in the ownership of his or her works with fans and collectors. NFT’s operate similar to stocks being purchased and sold using block chain and cryptocurrency assets instead of old school marketing and financial transaction methods.
This latest supplement of NFT’s, including their creation and distribution through Song fi’s global marketplace, expands upon the companies decentralized social media, music and video hosting / streaming, as well as photo, music and video editing suites with additional collaboration and conferencing assets. “Musicians and artists have been financially abused for way too long and Song fi brings that abuse to an end”, said Stevie. Song fi launches January 1st 2022 with 10,000 honorary lifetime memberships being offered starting November 16th 2021 during the beta test stage. These founding honorary members share in the profits of the company for life. Song fi is for business as well, with the first 1200 business members on Song fi also sharing in the profits of Song fi for life while reaching markets for their products and services in new and innovative ways.

Original NFT music and art is forever stored on the Ethereum block chain with Song fi serving as the gateway where NFT’s can be bought and sold via Smart Contracts created on Song fi. The public is yearning for new and exciting music and art, post Covid-19, and the Song fi Broadcast Network delivers. “For people who want to support the Artist, now is your chance”, said Stevie Marco. “Song fi is a place where collectors can also make meaningful profits as NFT’s become the virtual stock market of the future for art and music”. Smart Contracts connected to NFT’s allow parties to exchange money for unique virtual art under agreed upon terms in a transparent and efficient way without the aggravation, overhead, control or risk of working with intermediaries like banks, credit card companies, Amazon, E-bay or streaming services like Spotify, all of whom are middlemen that are cut out of the process at Song fi.

Transaction data for Song fi NFT’s can never be removed from a cryptocurrency block chain, data can only be added, which makes everything transparent and instantly verifiable regarding the floor price of an NFT, as well as the block chain documenting every transaction of a particular NFT in real time visible on the Song fi crypto exchange. A simple way to look at these cryptocurrencies is that paper money worldwide can be converted to a universal cryptocurrency for global online transactions in a more secure manner with NFT’s serving as the financial rebirth for the Artist as well as collectors and virtual art investors.

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An NFT’s value is set by the creator at a floor valuation price. For example; the founding musicians of are releasing the “Respect and Love Manifesto” album featuring 54 of its honorary musician members and monetizing the music and art through NFT’s. Smart Contracts attached to the NFT create transaction terms approved by the Artist. The first song of 16 on the Respect and Love Manifesto album is titled “War of the Spirit” The Smart Contract to be posted for War of the Spirit sets the floor price of the song at $1000 USD and segregates the War of the Spirit NFT into 100 units to be purchased by the public at the rate of $10 per unit at the private floor price.

When the War of the Spirit NFT goes public through Song fi as well through other social media and community networks, the original 100 unit owners can resell their unit stake for more money than they paid for it, or, the unit holder can decide to hold onto it for future sale, or hold it as a collectible. The Artist gets paid an additional percentage over and above the money received in the private floor offering, usually about 7 % depending on the Smart Contract, every time a transaction takes place for the War of the Spirt NFT. This allows both the Artist and collectors to financially prosper together.

Starting November 16th 2021 the public can log onto Song fi and purchase a lifetime honorary membership for personal and/or business use for a one time nominal fee. This honorary membership is in itself an NFT that can later be resold so people can buy up to five memberships as an investment and then resell them as the value of the Song fi company grows, or give the NFT crypto unit away as a holiday gift to friends and family. Once the lifetime honorary Song fi NFT memberships are sold out, then future members pay a subscription fee each month. Honorary memberships enjoy instant access to the Song fi platform where any song or video worldwide is available commercial free, as well as editing tools for music, video and art for NFT creation as well as for personal or business project use. Musi-grams and Viddys can also be created on Song fi with a robust social network component where your data is never collected, sold or used to create annoying ads that invade your life. All founding honorary members holding this prestigious membership also get a financial stake in the company for life with 5% of the gross revenue of Song fi, including all NFT’s revenue from all future projects, paid collectively to the founding honorary Song fi members on a quarterly basis for life.

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