Propy, the premier real estate transaction platform on blockchain, announced that users will be rewarded with PRO tokens to engage them in a variety of educational and transactional activities across its desktop and new iOS-based app.

Both the new iOS app and desktop versions will process three types of residential transactions: traditional ones with dollar payments, crypto payments, and NFT transactions.

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The company, which recently announced that it can now accept digital earnest money transfers for traditional dollar deals and made the first ever NFT in real estate this year, continues to offer innovative solutions that make it easier and faster for consumers and agents to transact real estate traditionally with wire payment methods, as well as transactions with cryptocurrency, or NFT transactions. Distribution of tokens are governed in a decentralized manner by the Crypto Real Estate Alliance.

“I’m excited about this new program that will enable users to earn tokens simply by doing real estate transactions on blockchain − submitting offers, closing deals, inviting participants to a transparent tracking flow − and learning about cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFTs,” says Natalia Karayaneva, CEO.

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“The new iOS app provides additional ways for real estate professionals in the US to participate in the innovation. They effectively are becoming the “blockchain miners” of the industry,” she adds.

While any real estate agent can earn tokens by downloading the app and participating in educational programs, additional benefits such as an NFT Marketplace, integrated escrow and title services, and referral opportunities will be available to those who participate in Propy’s “invite-only” Transparent Agent Program. Buyers and sellers can use it for transactions in the US as well.

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