Leading NFT marketplace 1Kind is about to drop its first NFT in collaboration with Garry Kasparov, revealing the chess prodigy’s untold stories.

On December 9, NFT marketplace 1Kind will drop its first exclusive digital collectible in partnership with World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov.

The asset is part of a collection of unique artifacts and exclusive experiences designed to honor the player’s legacy.

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The inaugural drop will include never-seen-before archives revealing the untold story of the longest reigning World Chess Champion.

The assets will include photographs from his childhood and formative years, previously unseen game cards, and images that chart the challenges and highlights of his career trajectory – along with an intimate experience with the prodigy himself.

1Kind is also curating and aiming to soon launch NFTs of artifacts and experiences related to the English actor, broadcaster, comedian, director, and writer Stephen Fry; and award-winning American film director, producer, screenwriter, and author Scott Frank.

“Our aim for 1Kind is to create a platform that showcases the digital legacies of some of the greatest artists, personalities, and talent across the world. The platform aims to immortalize their legacies with an opportunity for collectors to have intimate and personal experiences with the artists themselves,” said Dr. Kristian Haehndel, Co-founder of 1Kind.

The new marketplace focuses on curating exclusive collectible digital assets and experiences from the world’s most remarkable people and creating a digital community around the topic.

Furthermore, as explained by co-founder Gadi Gilkberg “1Kind is committed to being carbon-negative by removing more carbon from the atmosphere than is emitted by each NFT transaction,” who also adds that the project will allow NFT issuers to allocate a proportion of the sale price to causes aligned with their commitment to making a difference in the community.

Featured Image: 1Kind

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