London, United Kingdom, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ManagerPro announced its platform would bring a new era of blockchain and fantasy games with NFT integration. ManagerPro brings a new era of Play to Earn NFT games with a comprehensive cross-chain gaming Ecosystem built for next-generation managers and gamers with next-generation features, utilizing management and gaming skills to earn tradeable, valuable digital assets and prizes.

Manager PRO is a gaming ecosystem for fantasy football and NFT gaming. A comprehensive cross-chain gaming Ecosystem built for next-generation managers with next generation features, utilizing management skills to earn tradeable, valuable digital assets and prizes. With Manager Pro, the major goal is to protect the gaming platform against fraud and lack of transparency in centralized fantasy football. Harmonizing the uniqueness of Soccer and Racing events to create a unique, exciting, lucrative and in-demand ecosystem rewarding users in tokens and physical prizes for the utilization of their skill.

Manager PRO seeks to unite Soccer and racing Fans globally in her compelling gaming community, promoting fun-filled and rewarding activities for her users. Some of the key features of the platform includes,

MARKETPLACE: Tune it up! Trade and collect the assets. Play smart to become the best racing manager

CAR RENTALS: Own up to 5 cars and earn extra profits renting cars to racers.

MECHANIC SHOP: Upgrade and customize the cars. Own a shop and earn for life.

CHARGING STATIONS: Boost up the car speed before the race. own a charging station and earn passively.

TRANSFER MARKET WINDOW: Scout, buy and groom players to compete.

MULTIPLAYER LEAGUES: Create personalized leagues and host friends from around the world to compete and win.

Manager PRO utilizes the GameFi model to ensure great yields are the end product for her investors. GameFi is a new category which involves cryptocurrency projects having a gaming platform that provides a metaverse rewarding users for their passion.

Combining gaming and DeFi into one word, is the gamification of financial mechanisms where users can earn profits by playing games. The end goal is passive income which will be beneficial to gamers and Investors.

Manager Pro Racing and Football Fantasy Game

Manager Pro offers two main fantasy games with real world rewards and valuables up for grabs. There are two main games

● ManagerPro Racing
● ManagerPro Football

Manager Pro Racing:

It is a Play to Earn game where players can play to own Cars, Mechanic Shops, Garage, Charging Stations, Rental services. Users can win crypto prizes and own part of the game they love to play! Manager PRO Racing focuses on rewarding racers for skill utilization and ensuring decentralized ownership of in-game assets amongst gamers and investors.

Operating on both the PvE and PvP models, the game offers the following,

● PVE-Racers will fight against the Al to get the highest score, and be ranked top on the leaderboard to earn rewards.

● •PvP-Racers can engage in contest of skills against each other with a bet, the winner will be paid the prize instantly.

ManagerPro Football:

Football has a reportedly 3.5 billion fans worldwide, with the European football market reaching 24,6 billion in 2016. The “big five European leagues (UK’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, France’s Ligue 1 and Italy’s Serie A) grew collective revenues by €1.4 billion (12%) in 2016. It’s a sport of great love, with loyal fans and a great market to sell almost anything from event tickets to memorabilia.

Football fantasy league has over 8million users with no real rewards in crypto. Manager PRO will be a big hit in the market with mouthwatering real prizes offered. Manager PRO will attract more users with her decentralized transparent system.
Manager PRO revenue will be generated from the sale of NFTS to consistently promote the marketing and reward system. Rewarding all her gamers in both tokens and real Prizes for the utilization of their skills. Gamers play to earn while engaging in the contest of skills. The ecosystem offers a wide variety of passive income streams for investors.

NFT Collectibles and More

Apart from fantasy football and car racing the platform’s NFT marketplace would also sell LAND which will be a scarce commodity in the ecosystem and people can use it to trade. Some of the key features that investors can utilize include,

● Buy/sell land
● Build garages on their lands
● Provide rental services to earn
● Provide charging services to earn
● Build mechanic workshops to earn
● Participate in governance through DAO
● Land owners receive shares when racers engage in contests of skills against each other or receive rewards as new maps are created.

The tokenomics of the platform also play a key part and offer better profits to investors. With a total supply cap of 10,000,000 $MPRO has been divided in the following manner,

● IGO: 30%
● Rewards pool: 15%
● Exchange listing: 25%
● Marketing: 15%
● Team & Advisors: 5%
● Research & Development: 5%
● Partnerships: 3%
● Airdrop: 2%

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