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Attendees can use Nifty World, a new NFT creator built on the BLOCKv platform, to take polaroid style photographs that can be minted into NFTs on Polygon and collect commemorative ‘Nifties’ at the Miami Crypto Experience

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MIAMI, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nifty World, a new ‘one stop shop’ offering for all your NFT needs that pairs the unique power of blockchain technology with the user-friendly interface of an app announced its beta launch today. The project was developed on BLOCKv, the world’s leading platform for creating, minting and distributing intelligent, programmable Non-Fungible Tokens by the Miami Crypto Experience, an events and education organization dedicated to facilitating the adoption of crypto both locally and globally. The beta launch of the innovative new NFT app enables anyone to take photos and mint their favourite moments as Polygon NFTs in seconds. 

NFTs are changing the way that people interact with art and collectibles. Big brands and celebrities are all making moves to integrate the technology into their marketing and products. There is a catch though, the most popular NFTs use Ethereum and have very high fees associated with creating and selling them. It can cost hundreds of dollars in gas to mint an NFT and hundreds of dollars to list them for sale on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. 

BLOCKv has solved this through an innovative way of creating NFTs and then minting them onto Polygon, a protocol that runs on top of Ethereum, where they can be sold on OpenSea. The cost to mint and sell? Pennies! With this 100x reduction in costs it opens a world of opportunities for NFTs beyond premium collectibles. With the launch of Nifty World, app users will have a polaroid-like experience where you snap a picture, add a cool frame and turn it into an NFT that can then be listed & traded on OpenSea. 

“Where Instagram made it simple to post and share pictures, Nifty World is making it simple to mint and collect dynamic NFTs in a matter of seconds,” said Kyle Kemper, Executive Producer and Co-Founder of Nifty World. “We know that NFTs can be used for collectibles, discovery, pictures and videos, coupons, tickets, receipts, identity, and even voting. Nifty World is going to be a gateway to this world of opportunity.”

BLOCKv has been working with global brands delivering NFT campaigns for over 3 years and some of their clients include Vodafone, NBA, Ben & Jerry’s, Doritos, Selfridges and more. The campaigns utilize geo-located NFTs and feature an augmented reality viewer delivering an exceptional and engaging experience.  These campaigns were always time-limited and customized to the needs of clients. With Nifty World, they are taking all the lessons learned from working with some of the biggest brands and creating a persistent NFT world for consumers; hence Nifty World. 

Nifty World is partnering with the Miami Crypto Experience to launch the wallet and introduce this new modality for NFTs into the community. Attendees will get a limited edition NFT ticket artwork designed by prominent Miami Artists, Miami Crypto Exp branded photo NFT frames, and special access Nifties as part of the experience.

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About Nifty World

Nifty World is a one stop shop for all your NFT needs, pairing the power of blockchain with the user-friendly interface of an app to enable you to create, mint and collect NFTs on-chain in seconds with just your email or phone number. Capture moments with your phone camera and mint them as NFTs to Polygon, sell your creations on the Marketplace, interact with NFTs in the AR metaverse and view your collection anywhere or anytime at a glance in your Nifty World Wallet, which is accessible from any device. Now that’s pretty nifty. Visit https://nifty.world to set up an account and start creating today.

About BLOCKv

BlockV is a development platform for creating and emitting intelligent Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that act as a standardised framework to build digital goods around. The favoured NFT platform of the Fortune 500, BlockV enables anyone to create NFTs that can be distributed and collected through social media, augmented and virtual reality, GPS drops, QR codes and email, can be dynamically minted to a number of leading blockchains and are accessible from any internet enabled smart device, recreating the sensation of physical object ownership in the digital world. To learn more, please visit www.blockv.io

About Miami Crypto Experience

The Miami Crypto Experience is a Florida based events and education organization dedicated to facilitating the adoption of crypto both locally and globally. This years flagship event is taking place at the James L Knight in Downtown Miami Nov. 10, 11 & 12. Unlike traditional conferences, the Miami Crypto Experience focused on giving attendees exceptional value through interactive workshops, art activations, and amazing giveaways. One lucky attendee will be leaving this years event with a brand new McLaren super car. In addition to the physical event there will be a virtual metaverse and parallel virtual conference giving the event global accessibility. For more informations and to purchase tickets go to http://expcrypto.io 

Contact: Callum McQueen, [email protected], +447837937038

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