“ETHlephants,” a collection of elephant NFTs, is set to be launched on November 8. There are a total of 6,500 NFTs in the collection.

The launch time for the NFT collection is set at 5 p.m. EST. The mint price of each elephant-inspired NFT is 0.03 Ethereum.

The developer of the “ETHlephants” NFT collection has said that a $15,000 donation to Save the Elephants will be made. Three random holders will also receive MacBook Pros.

It is the latest addition to the growing list of NFT collections that are based on animals. Other animals that have inspired NFT collections include dogs, cats, whales, pandas, and even kangaroos. Examples of animal-inspired NFT collections include “Weird Whales,” “10001 Dalmatians,” and “Catryoshkas.”

Other NFT collections that can be minted on November 8 include “+1 Project NFT” and “InvisiblesNFT.”

‘ETHlephants’ NFT Collection

Mint day is coming up fast! From our sneak peeks, what traits are you hoping to get when you mint an ETHlephant? pic.twitter.com/Hjr5KRJ3mA

— 🐘 ETHlephants NFT🐘 (@ETHlephants) November 4, 2021

The “ETHlephants” NFT collection is set to be released on November 8 at 5 p.m. EST. There are a total of 6,500 elephant NFTs in the collection. Each NFT can be minted for 0.03 Ethereum (ETH).

Those who end up missing the launch of the NFT collection can still have a chance to own one via OpenSea. 

“ETHlephants” joins the list of NFT collections that are set to be released on the said date. According to a list compiled by Rarity Tools, other NFT collections that are launching on November 8 include “+1 Project NFT” and “InvisiblesNFT.”

According to the website of “ETHlephants,” a $15,000 donation will be given to the charity Save the Elephants once the collection is 50% minted. Three random holders will also be awarded MacBook Pros by the developers.

The developers have also said that a Roadmap 2.0, which will outline the future of the NFT collection, will be constructed once minting has reached 100%. 

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token and has been growing in popularity in the past year. NFTs can be anything digital, and those that have been released include digital art, GIFs, music, and collectibles.

As NFTs are non-fungible, this means that each NFT has a unique value and cannot be exchanged with something of the same value. Cryptocurrency is used to purchase NFTs, and they share a few similarities.

Both cryptocurrency and NFTs have unstable volatility. They also have stored digital records on a blockchain, such as the Ethereum blockchain.

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Animal NFTs

NFT collections these days are seemingly inspired by everything and anything. One of the most common kinds of NFT collections you can find in the market these days are animal NFTs or NFTs inspired by animals.

A popular choice among many NFT creators are dogs. Examples of dog NFTs include the “10001 Dalmatians” NFT collection and the DOGE-inspired “DogeX.”

Cats are also popular among creators who want to make their own NFT collections. Among the available cat, NFT collections are “CryptoKitties” and the matryoshka doll-inspired “Catryoshkas.”

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