SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DeHorizon recently announced the partnership with Pioneering NFT (non-fungible token) Interoperability Middleware, POD to jointly launch the first ever Interoperable, Editable and Evolvable ERC-721 NFT “DeMeta Pass ID” (DeMeta).

DeHorizon and POD firmly believe that the next generation of NFT should be interoperable, editable and evolvable. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Metaverse is a leap forward to open, interconnection, connection, and building, user-generated networks. The innovation of DeMeta will help DeHorizon Metaverse forward to interconnection and connection.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Metaverse is a leap forward to open, interconnection, connection, and building, user-generated networks.

Nowadays, people gradually lose their passion to dream under the heavy burden of work. However, we do believe that imagination can help us get to another unexplored oasis, bridging the huge gap between the individual and Metaverse.

DeHorizon Metaverse is dedicated to becoming that “oasis”, where players can easily cross these gaps and immersively play for fun and to earn.

DeMeta: Interoperable, Editable, Evolvable

Cosmology-based DeMeta is created by DeHorizon. It is the arche to Metaverse as well as everyone’s beginning in Metaverse. As the first Interoperable, Editable and Evolvable ERC-721 NFT, it is composed of 6 replaceable attributes and a character profile stored on chain within 256 bytes customized by players themselves.

Overview of DeMeta

  • Each attribute in DeMeta is an NFT.
  • 6 replaceable attributes are randomly generated, composed of 3 character figures and 3 gears.
  • Much more replaceable attributes will be obtained in the upcoming game DeVerse and rotated in your DeMeta.
  • All the replaceable attributes can be individually traded in the future.
  • Players can use GAS to reset their character profile. All the previous owners and profiles will be stored on chain for review.

Facing the current static NFTs that cannot be changed ever, Interoperable, Editable and Evolvable DeMeta is truly the next generation of NFT, empowering each player to design their exclusive NFTs as well as reorganize several NFTs to mint a new NFT. Since players are able to customize their NFTs, they can embark on the journey in DeHorizon Metaverse.

Meanwhile, we think the interoperability of NFTs is significantly essential to Metaverse. Imagine if your character figures and gears from DeVerse are not interoperable in another game in DeHorizon Metaverse, do you think it can be called the future Metaverse?

Interoperability is the first step for Metaverse. As a result, DeHorizon initially designed a set of NFT standard with New NFT Interoperability Middleware, POD.

“We dream to build a fast bridge between human belief and Metaverse. This bridge is rooted in people’s hearts and souls. It is the self-salvation of those who are unwilling to be mediocre. There is no single truth in DeHorizon Metaverse. The spirit of Dionysus and Apollo merges and shuttles here. Only people’s inner perception is the yardstick of everything,” said Cecilia Maple, CMO at DeHorizon Foundation.

We want to give players a smooth gaming experience while allowing players to play for fun and to earn through various games in DeHorizon Metaverse. Even in the future, when our NFT standard is widely recognized and applied by more other chain ecosystems, players can directly convert their figures and gears from DeHorizon Metaverse to another blockchain ecosystem, realizing the interconnection of NFTs across the chain.

What DeHorizon is creating is a Metaverse where players can endlessly and unlimitedly create, play, socialize, game and much more.


Dionysus represents chaos, intuition, emotions, etc, which is the origin of Art.

Apollo represents reason, which is the origin of Science.

POD: NFT Interoperability Middleware

Since Metaverse soared in popularity, DeHorizon has witnessed many great innovations, such as crypto asset NFT, the virtual concert in Fortnite, and even the first virtual wedding in Metaverse. With the appearance of more and more Metaverse NFT projects, one problem has not been solved: a mainstream NFT interoperability standard.

The current market for NFTs represents the digitalization of assets. Owners of NFTs are recorded on blockchain, allowing an NFT to be traded as a stand-in for the digital asset it represents. However, the technical appearance of NFT is in the coarse-grained form, isolated from each other and cannot make a network effect.

“Prometheus stole the fire from Apollo, but there was no payer. POD is that one of the payers. POD, as an intermediate platform, decouples the upstream and downstream applications in the NFT market, laying the foundation for more torch relays,” said Shane Zhu, Founding Director at DeHorizon Foundation.

Civilization begins with characters, definition, classification, and connection. Creating a new Metaverse means everything at the early stage is chaotic. A new civilization and a new order have to be cultivated. POD, as a pioneering NFT Interoperability Middleware, contributes to building consensus interoperability for future Metaverse, which allows relatively isolated NFT to make interconnection in Metaverse.

Metaverse as a digital virtual world requires “value transfer”. The role of Metaverse participants will be first illustrated in the ownership of on-chain assets and virtual identity. If the great innovation of NFT is a sign that Metaverse has gradually come into the mainstream, the initial launch of NFT interoperability standard is a flagship milestone in the opening of Metaverse’s interconnection.

Catch up with us and join this innovative experiment!

DeHorizon and POD will jointly raise Leviathan’s Axe to promote DeHorizon Metaverse forward to open, interconnection, connection and building, user-generated networks.

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About DeHorizon Foundation

DeHorizon Foundation is a Silicon Valley startup. The team is passionate and imaginative, made up of serial entrepreneurs, Game & Fintech industry veterans, technical fanatics and MBA elites. DeVerse is the flagship game DeHorizon Foundation wants to show to the global community on DeHorizon Metaverse.

About DeHorizon

DeHorizon is a community-powered Metaverse game ecosystem, which will be governed by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The long-term vision of DeHorizon Metaverse is to provide players with an immersive experience based on a disruptive business ecosystem, making “Play for fun and to earn” come into life.

About DeVerse

Blockchain-based MMO/RPG DeVerse is a barbarous version of high fantasy action-adventure game. DeVerse’s game financial system basically forms a critical part of helping build a sustainable play-to-earn economy.

There are five in-game assets set in DeVerse:

  • In-game currency ($DGT)
  • Ownerships of lands (NFTs)
  • In-game characters (NFTs)
  • Tools (NFTs)
  • Equipments (NFTs)

About POD

POD is a public, object-oriented on-chain database and a very promising data layer project. The mission of POD is to fill the gaps in the on-chain data collaboration infrastructure.

POD consists of POD Class, POD TAG, POD DATABASE and POD DATA Bridge. The POD class is a group or class of things that have some common characteristics or attributes and are distinguished from other things by kind, type, or quality. The POD TAG is a tagging tool used to tag objects on the chain, whether the objects conform to the definition of the POD class. The POD database is an object-oriented, public, smart contract interactive database on the chain. The POD DATA Bridge is data cross-chain service.

POD aims to provide standard Metaverse assets, store open/public and authenticated “social data”, set up open bridge to all protocols and generate universally addressable.

SOURCE DeHorizon Foundation