Your metaverse home is about to smell a whole lot better, thanks to cent.ldn and Girl Gang’s bespoke physical and NFT candle collectible.

As we spiral head-first into the metaverse, slowly but surely, there’s an NFT for everything. In a world where virtual spaces – that I can’t help but compare to MMORPGs – will be filled by avatars, we’ll be able to curate and build our personal spaces just like our physical homes.

The fashion industry is taking notes. Nike has already filed patents for in-metaverse products and purchased virtual plots of lands, while adidas has jumped head-first into cryptocurrency and Bored Apes Yacht Club.

Soon we’ll be pumping all of Ethereum into making ourselves and our homes look just as good online as offline.

In the real world, we’ve gone candle crazy. Loro Piana, Le Labo, LOEWE – we’re absolutely obsessed with a decorative, super-smelly clout candle, so of course, we’d jump at the chance to bring them into our digital homes, too.

cent.ldn has been making efforts to make candles collectible – an experience that it’s bringing online in collaboration with Girl Gang.

The collaboration has produced a bespoke candle and signature scent, along with an NFT of the candle itself. Once all NFTs are sold, random buyers will receive the physical product.

Moreover, the NFT features an original song written and performed by Los Angeles-based musician Daniel Allan who began exploring NFTs to discover how they have been shifting the scale of ownership.

The cent.ldn x Girl Gang NFT candle collectible goes online today, December 8, with a portion of all sales donated to supporting growth for women in tech.

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