LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Masks of Ether, an NFT collection inspired by African tribal art, is launching its portfolio of 10,000 images on October 5th to bring more African voices to the blockchain space.

The collection of NFTs will release 10,000 generative images featuring pixel art masks, inspired by West-African tribal masks.

Harrison Foko, artist and creator of Masks of Ether, aims to bring traditional African art to a new digital medium and attract new audiences to it.

With this new focus on African art in NFT, Foko hopes to increase inclusivity and diversity in the NFT and blockchain community.

“I am excited to bring my own roots into the NFT space. Using something so tribal and traditional in this modern pixel-art form has never been done before.”

Currently, black and minority voices are largely underrepresented in the Blockchain space. Previous successful projects (like the sold-out World of Women collection) show that the NFT community is ready for increased visibility of minority voices.

Many are already excited about the breath of fresh air this new collection will bring. Twitter user @kartikiyer6 says: “Great to see a project that values diversity & inclusion by bringing in African tribal arts. This will be a revolution in the NFT space.”

Foko is excited about the rollout. “It’s exciting to see the online reaction before it launches. The community is ready and excited for something new. And we’re bringing it to them.”

Foko is also committed to giving back: $100,000 of the proceeds will go to The CryptoSavannah Foundation and Survival International. The CryptoSavannah Foundation promotes education about Blockchain, while Survival International protects and preserves remote tribes.

Masks of Ether launches on October 5th on

Masks of Ether can also be found on Twitter (@MasksOfEther) and Discord.

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