New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – September 23, 2021) – On September 8, xNFT Protocol has been authorized by the copyright owner of the world-renowned sci-fi movie “Avatar” comics to distribute the cypherpunk work Avatar Punk based on algorithm-generated art. The total number of Avatar Punk is 10,000, which are automatically generated by a computer random algorithm according to multi-dimensional attributes such as eyes, nose, face shape, headwear, accessories, props, and tattoos. Among them, some Avatar Punk will be sold to crypto art lovers through blind boxes and auctions, and some Avatar Punk will be airdropped to crypto art community lovers such as CryptoPunks, Meebits, Loot, XNFT, DDDD, etc.

xNFT Protocol is a new transactional NFT protocol, which includes such traditional trading mechanisms as fixed-price deals and auction deals, as well as a unique lottery trading mechanism which offers both a private mystery box and a public one.

The xNFT platform provides an interactive NFT operating system for the world, sharing their unique and rich experience in NFT development, and helping all project parties and creators who are interested in the NFT industry. NFT project parties and creators rely on xNFT Protocol and can publish their own NFT works without any technical development. This allows NFT artists to focus on their areas of expertise and concentrate on creating better works.

The private mystery box allows the seller to create their own mystery box through an xNFT Protocol intelligent contract, and it would provide all NFT to be drawn from the box. The lottery price of the mystery box is set through the intelligent contract: after the buyer successfully bids and one NFT is drawn at random, the intelligent contract then transfers payment tokens of corresponding quantity and type to the seller and transfers the drawn NFT to the account of the buyer. The lottery proportion of each NFT in every private mystery box is equal.

In addition, the xNFT Protocol can quickly be compatible with various ecosystems. It seems clear that, as an ever-growing bridge linking NFTs’ ecology system and industries, xNFT looks set to provide a new and refreshing take on the practical applications of blockchain so as to create much more value for both traditional industry sectors and the burgeoning blockchain space. xNFT Protocol has spent a year building and optimizing the underlying structure of the entire trading system. At present, daily active users exceed 1w+. In the five chains of Heco, BSC, Polygon, Ethereum and Arbitrum, xNFT Protocol supports the most assets, the smoothest trading experience, and the lowest cost trading market. Due to the very advanced design of the underlying architecture, it only takes 2 days for xNFT Protocol to connect to a new EVM fully compatible chain, and it only takes 2 hours for a new NFT project to be put on the shelf at the fastest. It only takes more time to grow, and it is getting closer and closer to the goal set by xNFT Protocol at the time: to become the world’s top three NFT trading platforms. In the future, the xNFT Protocol will also support new public chains such as Avalanche, Fantom and so on.

Besides the Avatar cooperation, xNFT has put itself on the radar of many world-leading brands seeking cooperative ventures under continuous innovation and layout.

One such brand is the world-leading animation firm “LARVA”, which, a while back, announced a strategic cooperation with the xNFT Protocol to develop an NFT digital card game. This clever, amusing short animation game, which combines music and motion, has now been played in 180 countries with a playback volume of 60 billion.

Another company, Dark Horse Comics, which is among the top three comic enterprises in the US, has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with xNFT Protocol. Dark Horse Comics is authorized to use more than 300 IPs, publish more than 3000 titles and enjoy close cooperation with more than 2000 writers and cartoonists. The topics covered in the comics are extensive and encompass sci-fi, magic, action, family entertainment. With the strength of Dark Horse Comics’ vast IP resource base and the market resources and advanced technology of xNFT Protocol, the cooperation between the two parties in developing NFT and other digital fields will surely shape the future of arts and entertainment and contribute significant commercial value.

On July 19, GNO of European Union formally approved and authorized xNFT Protocol to build a European-Chinese NFT digital collection cooperation project to promote cultural and economic exchanges between Europe and China and promote the development of related industries.

On August 10, FAW-Volkswagen Audi announced on its official Weibo: they would work with xNFT to release a limited NFT product, meaning that the NFT concept, after cracking the world of art, entertainment, and sport, has now well and truly arrived in the high-powered world of the auto industry.

August 2021 is also the first anniversary of the launch of xNFT Protocol. In just one year, xNFT has changed from a concept and idea to a real product. DigiCenter Wallet, xNFT Oracle, NFTMarketcap, NFTBank, NFTPark. These products are the result of continuous development by the xNFT team day and night.

Although xNFT has quickly come to the fore in just one year, in addition to a strong team, the financial strength behind it can also be described as extremely strong, such as Huobi Venture Capital, LD Capital, Fundamental Labs and many other well-known investment institutions in the industry have participated in the investment. Nevertheless, their valuation is still very low compared to OpenSea. At present, many top investment institutions and family office funds around the world have regarded the xNFT Protocol trading platform as OpenSea’s strongest competitor, and are actively engaged in long-term equity investment matters.


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